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Recordings of old Sony CCD-TR760E on PC?
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The Super NightShot can record in no light situations by illuminating with a built in infrared light. The resulting video is very choppy and cannot show much motion — acts as a very slow speed camera. This mode sounds interesting, but is practically unusable. You cannot change tapes while the camera is on a tripod — got to take it off.

Kind of a hassle. There are other third party batteries available that last much longer. Be sure to have a second battery. I have had my TRV for about two years and really enjoy it. It has been on several backpacking trips and is sufficiently rugged for normal outdoor activities. The plastic case is a little beat up but the innards are still producing great video. Some reviewers say the camera is a little large, but I prefer this style of camcorder compared to those tiny video cameras that are so small they are hard to hold steady and finding button — forget it! The downside is the D8 digital format.

It would seem that this is a format that is going away. These tapes are playable on the TRV Works great. Stay clear of the DVD writing camcorder if you plan to edit your video. If you have the older analog 8mm tapes - look at this unit for great compatibility. Vollständige Rezension lesen. I bought this camera for filming some deer hunting videos. I like the fact we can plug in our wireless microphones and use our headphones for monitoring voice. The camera I bought did have the slap C code on it. Turns out the roller had fallen off.

I was able to fix this quickly and everything works. The power button is a little finicky, but overall I love this camera.

Sony CCD-TR748E hand-held camcorder

I like that I can convert Hi-8 to Digital 8. Makes our movies we already created on our old Handycam Hi-8 look great.

Overall I am well pleased with this camera. The 8mm format is dead. So is pretty much all tape-based consumer grade video.

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Your only chance to save those videos is to get them on disk. Here's the problem: 8mm cameras are no longer available. Fewer and fewer are still in action, many of them were junk to start with, and have not gotten better with time. Worse problem: not all 8mms can do the job. There are a number of 8mm cameras definitely not all of them that can transfer to computer, but some don't do " regular" 8 mm or HI- 8 tapes.

This is one of the cameras that did all of the 8 formats. If it fit on an 8mm tape, this camera can digitize it for you. It is also firewire compatible, like most modern cameras, so you can control your video camera from the editing software. The other nice thing about this camera is you can still use it as a studio camera, it has good enough resolution for most kinds of videos lines especially if you are going to save to mpeg anyway I cannot recommend this as a field camera simply because, like all sony's of its era, it is a terrible battery hog.

If you are a Video 8 user 8 mm, Hi 8 or Digital 8 , having this camcorder it's a must.

Sony handycam hdr-cx440

Sony discontinued the investment and development in Video 8 camcorders about 2 years ago and the models you find in the market today are not as good as this one not even many of the Mini DV ones have its resolution. Even though the TRV and TRV are not the smallest camcorders you can find in the market, they are good enough small to take it with you and shoot amazing quality videos without worring about additional size and weight in your hand.

The great thing about these digital camcorders is that they will play back analogue tapes and output as they play a digital file to your DVD recorder or computer. One Digital 8 tape included. Battery life cannot be guarnteed due to age to age.

It is high in features such as its good connection options, 25x optical zoom and Super Nightshot. You will get what is in the pictures. Certainly will find satisfying solution for You. Condition is Used. Very nice camcorder with built in colour lcd screen monitor and carry strap.

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This has been tested with a tap and plays back fine and records fine just how it should do. You will only get what is pictured.

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Although we have tested the item and appears to be working, we may not be able to check every single function. Internal viewfinder behind rubber eye piece is cracked so that display isnt perfect.

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  8. In good condition and in full working order. Battery life cannot be guarnteed due to age. AV connecting cable. Shoulder strap. Tv connecting cables. I would advise getting a spare though, considering the age. They're pennies here on Ebay. Video HI8 tape format. Sony NP-F battery.

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    Hi8 PAL format and can also play back Video 8 tapes not suitable for tapes recorded in Digital8 format. Takes Video Hi8 tapes. I have thoroughly checked the camcorder and will recheck before dispatch. This is one of the few camcorders with the facilty to do this. In very good condition and full working order with only minor marks to the body and slight wear to hand strap.

    The lens is clear no mould or fungi more import antly theres no sign of degradation you'll get superb picture and sound when playing back your Hi8 and Video8 analogue tape recordings. Still in a very good condition and in a fully working orders. Has small scratches as you can see in the pictures. Il n'en reste plus qu'un! Hi8, Video8. Sony Handycam. This camera has barely seen any use. The remote comes with the original Sony batteries.